NEW AWARD CATEGORIES being added soon!

The next awards night is Thursday 2nd March 2017.

The inaugural South Wales Business Growth Awards was held on Thursday 10th March 2016 at Holland House, Cardiff.

Awards recognised and celebrated outstanding achievement across 9 key areas of business growth:


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This award recognises companies who have successfully created innovative products or processes that make a difference – either by developing something new or delivering a significant improvement.

Brand Impact

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This award celebrates companies who have become recognised brands within their field. Judges will be looking for a strong brand identity and footprint as well as innovative marketing.

Green Business

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This award recognises businesses that are leading examples of sustainability or have made a significant contribution to environmental improvement through sustainable working practices, processes or product development.

Employee Wellness

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This award recognises businesses that have demonstrated accountability for the wellness of their employees by ensuring high levels of working standards, promoting good health and providing a framework of support to improve and maintain employee wellness.

Economic Contribution

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This award recognises the companies who have made a significant contribution to the South Wales economy. Judges will look at turnover, profit, attraction of business into South Wales and economic enhancement for employees.

Customer Service Excellence

This award recognises businesses who have demonstrated the highest levels of customer service. Judges will consider quality of service, product, customer facing processes, communication and customer feedback as well as new ideas to enhance the customer experience.

People Development

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This award recognises the businesses who put their people at the heart of everything they do, enabling and inspiring their team through professional and personal development opportunities and support. Judges will be looking for remarkable results achieved through engaged, valued, capable, purpose-driven people as well as evidence of an effective learning and development framework.

Rising Star

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This award recognises individuals who have the ideas and drive to make a remarkable business. Judges will be looking for a combination of vision and ability to inspire action.

Visionary Leadership

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Judges will look at all aspects of growth to identify outstanding achievement in vision, strategy and implementation. The business who wins this award will have demonstrated not only leadership in their field but leadership across the world of business.

Business of The Year

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This award will recognise and celebrate the business who has the highest overall positive impact.

These inclusive and inspiring awards are open to all sectors of businesses based in South Wales.